Why There Should Be Security Cameras in School Buses

Security Cameras in Buses? Should there be security cameras in vehicles?

More specifically, the vehicles that are transporting your children? There are several reasons why security cameras in school buses is an absolute necessity.

1) The Children – The first and foremost reason there should be security cameras on school buses. Think about how scary it is finally letting go of your children as they board the bus for their first day of school. Knowing their safety is out of your hands has to be a feeling that makes you sick to your stomach. Wouldn’t you feel a little better knowing there are security cameras protecting your children. Think of all the dangers that wait for them out in the world like guns or bullying. Security cameras provide safety on school buses for the children and ensure the students will behave on the trip to school.

2) Bus Drivers – Think about it for a second. What exactly is stopping the driver of school bus, filled with adolescents to pull over the bus, grab the keys, lock the doors and run into a convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes or maybe an egg sandwich? That’s right, absolutely nothing. The bus driver in most cases is the only adult on the bus and really can do whatever he wants. With a security camera present, the driver is more likely to be more responsible.

3) Traffic – I’m sure when you drive your own car, you try to be responsible. Whether that means just your safety, the passenger’s or surrounding commuters, you drive carefully and cautiously. However, not everyone drives like that. We are well aware that there are specific traffic laws regarding school buses that solely for the purpose of the children’s safety. With security cameras strategically located, it can help law enforcement punish the people that choose not to obey these laws.

4) Vandals – The safety of the children is obviously number one but what about vandalism? School buses and their maintenance is paid for by the taxpayers. Whether it is parts of the school bus being stolen, graffiti or other types of vandalism or damage, surveillance cameras will help prevent these types of things from happening and penalize the people responsible for the actions.