Why Biometric Security Systems Are The Security Systems of the Future

The days when a lock and key was enough to secure your home or business are all but gone. High-tech security solutions are advancing and improving each year – you may have an iPhone which scans your fingerprint so that nobody else can gain access to your phone if you misplace it. This is biometrics, and it is the future of security.

Biometric security systems use biological data to identify people who are allowed to access a certain building, room, area, or technology and to deny access to individuals who have not been recognized by the system. This might seem like the stuff of science fiction movies, but it has become a popular and relatively affordable kind pf security which is only going to increase in popularity and effectiveness as biometric technology continues to improve.

Below, we’ll talk briefly about the different kinds of biometric security systems and mechanisms currently available, why they are so effective, as well as why Total Security is the right security company to help you upgrade to biometrics!

Biometric Security SystemFingerprint with Check Mark

A biometric system includes a fingerprint scanner, palm scanner, iris scanner, a voice recognition system, scent/odor recognition system, face scanner, and more. The most commonly used of these is the fingerprint scanner, like what you may have used on your smartphone or some laptops.

What’s really great about many of these systems is that they do not require large, bulky machines and lots of hardware, but can often be built into a door lock or come as a small pad which can be installed next to an entrance. This makes them very easy to install for the right professional, as well as more affordable than many might realize. The fact that this kind of technology is now available on a standard smartphone is one indication of how affordable and common it is becoming.

What Biometrics Accomplish

Biometrics are a form of access control, allowing certain individuals who are cleared for access to enter the facility, room, or area, and keeping all others out. This accomplishes multiple important objectives:

  • It eliminates the need to make and keep track of a number of keys, which can easily be lost or stolen. In the event of a lost or stolen key which allows access to an important room or area, many business owners have no choice but to have new locks installed and many new keys made. Biometrics completely eliminate this danger. You’ll never have to make another key and you don’t have to worry about someone getting in who shouldn’t be there – its not as easy to fake a fingerprint or a palm print as it is to have a duplicate key made! And your employees are in no danger of misplacing there fingers, hands, or eyes!
  • Second, biometrics can be used to track the attendance and lateness of your employees. This will create a sense of urgency in your employees when it comes to being on time, as well as create an additional sense of legitimacy about your company – high-tech security helps your employees feel good about where they work, as well as safe.

Total Security – The Right Company for Your Upgrade

If you’re ready to upgrade to biometric security systems for your business or home, the experts at Total Security would be happy to hear from you today. Our experienced professionals are skilled at timely and efficient installations and our staff is sensitive to our customers’ budgets. If you’re in need of high-tech security solutions that won’t break your bank, you’ve come to the right place. Our top notch customer service and reasonable rates are just two of the guiding values that have helped us earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For a free evaluation and quote, contact us or call (516) 775-2304. We’d love the opportunity to walk you through the process of upgrading to biometrics and choosing a package that will both protect your business and employees and keep you out of a tight financial spot. We’re looking forward to working with you!