Which Medical Alert Systems Have The Best Reviews

Medical Alerts have been evolving ever since they were conceived and developed by the Germans in the early 1970’s, specifically by Wilhelm Hormann, in hopes that it would help care for the sick and elderly. Medical alert systems became becoming popular and hit the mainstream public in the early 1980’s. Fast forward to today and we have added many technological advances to the original model, offering so much more. Today, we will cover which medical alert systems have the best reviews and what is standard in today’s medical alert system.

How to Choose a Best Reviewed Medical Alert Systemambulance

Medical alert systems are easy to use, accessible devices that can mean life or death in a medical emergency. Whether you are a senior looking for extra security or are concerned for a family member who is elderly or disabled, one of these medical alert systems will give you and your family peace of mind. A medical alert system is composed of a main station that is normally connected to a phone line, although sometimes a phone line isn’t needed with some companies. This main station is connected with an emergency pendant that you wear at all times either on your wrist or around your neck.

In the case of an emergency, whoever is wearing the pendant will press the button that sends a call through the base station to the monitoring center. One of the monitoring center staff will answer the call and, using the pendant’s speakerphone, ask you if you are in need of assistance. If you call and cannot answer, the staff will alert emergency medical personnel to your home as well as alert any family members of your status.

Best Reviewed Medical Alert Systems in Today’s Market

These are the best reviewed medical alert systems in the order with the highest customer feedback and with the most services offered along with the price.

  1. MediPendant
  2. Medical Guardian
  3. Rescue Alert
  4. Care Innovations Link
  5. Life Station
  6. Bay Alarm Medical
  7. Alert 1
  8. Philips Lifeline
  9. ADT
  10. MobileHelp
  11. GreatCall Splash
  12. LifeFone
  13. Medical Alert
  14. RA Rescue Alert

Technological Advancements for the Modern Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems have come a long way since the 1980’s. Today’s modern day medical alert systems offer hundreds of languages along with units that self-test so that they never have the chance of running out of batteries. Most companies offer premium features such as fall detection, mobile GPS systems, cellular base station, fire and smoke alerts, voice extender, and live phone and email customer support.

New products come out every year to increase the efficiency of medical alert systems. One of the newest products is the wristband pendant that is good even in power outages and have an extended service area. Another new concept that has come out is that of Mobile Apps. Since Apple phones and Androids are common in today’s marketplace, it is also common to have emergency apps that are linked to a few alert companies and you can call the emergency services right from your smartphone with the touch of a button and medical services will be alerted to your location via GPS.


If we are looking for solutions for those we love, than it would be easy to see that a medical alert system sounds like a pretty good idea. Not only will our loved ones be protected, but it can give us peace of mind that we need not worry about their condition. TOtal Security installs MediPendant, the top medical alert system, and is known for their not-notch customer service, timely installations, and affordable rates. If you would like to more about the MediPendant, call Total Security today.