Video Intercom Systems Installation The Bronx, NY

Do you have control over who you allow into your office, home or apartment building in the Bronx? If you answered “No,” installing a video intercom will be beneficial to your security.

Why Install A Video Intercom?

If you are a residential building owner in the Bronx, having a video intercom system will protect your tenants. Especially, if you were a high amount of foot traffic.

At Total Security we can help you decide the following:

  • Provide a video intercom installation package that is budget-friendly.
  • Decide which video intercom system to install for your office or apartment building.
  • Other security systems you can integrate for an added security.
  • Offer you with a Free On-Site Quote!

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How Video Intercom Systems Work

commercial / business video intercoms Bronx, NYVideo Intercom Systems for office, home and apartment buildings help you identify a visitor before giving access to your building. Whenever a person rings the doorbell, the intercom will transmit audio and video to an installed monitor inside your apartment building or home.

A video intercom provides security and it allows you to do the following:

  • Record and store images when you miss a person, during the time you weren’t home. Business owners can see missed when closed.
  • Access control systems and security systems can be integrated.
  • Respond to a video intercom call remotely from a smartphone, or laptop.
  • Digital pan, Zoom, and the tilt function can eliminate blind spots.
  • Link more than one entrance up to your video intercom to reduce the amount of security guards needed in your building.

Top 5 Advantages of Installing Video Intercom Systems for Homes & Apartment Buildings in Bronx

  • You can review all stored, and time-stamped video images you missed.
  • You know exactly who is at your door before you open it up.
  • Discourage criminals from burglarizing your home.
  • Protects your children against opening doors to unknown guests.
  • Provides a safer environment that’s for everyone under your roof.

Top 5 Advantages of Installing Video Intercom Systems for Offices & Commercial Buildings in the Bronx

  • Prevents employees from giving unwanted strangers access to a building.
  • Provides a safe environment to work, and your customers who visit.
  • Pre-screen guests before allowing them into the building.
  • Stops criminals from breaking into your building.
  • Guests aren’t missed because their images are stored and time-stamped.

Different Types of Video Intercom Systems

residential intercom systems installationOur video intercom system installer in the Bronx can install two different types of video intercoms, a wireless video intercom and a wired video intercom system. The wireless intercom enables voice communication without the need to run copper wires between intercom stations.

A wired video intercom system is placed at the entrance of a building. This allows you to view who is trying to come into the building.

When choosing a video intercom system for your property, consider the size of your building, whether it is large, midsize or small.

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