The Top 10 Total Security Tips For Improving Shopping Mall Security

The Top 10 Total Security Tips For Improving Shopping Mall Security

Shopping malls are very successful, especially those located in a high-density area. The problem with the shopping malls, however, is that they have many security issues that might arise.  Today, we will go over the ten best security tips for shopping mall security. Let’s get started.  Hidden Security Cameras what they cost

Top Ten Tips

  • Security Cameras: Inside cameras help deter theft while outside security cameras also deter theft, kidnappings, and vandalism.
  • Alarms: Alarms can be silent and can alert police to thefts in progress, or can be loud to help ward off would-be thieves.
  • Intercom Systems: Intercoms are great for letting key personnel through the doors. Intercom systems also work well with security cameras.
  • Access Control systems: The access control system only allows specific personnel into areas that you give them access to and keeps track of when and where they have gone.
  • Biometrics systems: Biometrics only allows locks to open with fingerprints or even iris scans.
  • GPS: Want to track security vehicles? The best way is through GPS tracking.
  • Proper Lighting: A good way to deter theft is to have well-lit areas.
  • Security Personnel: It’s good to have security guards working in the mall to help enforce security already in place.
  • Barcode Protection: If the stores in the mall have this security, it is harder to steal from them.
  • Improve Pavement Conditions: If you have potholes or your parking lot is icy, it’s smart to fix this by filling in holes and putting down salt.

Security Installers

We have just seen the ten best ways to improve the security of a shopping mall.  The next question is of where to find a security company in New York that has these products or even installs the ones you may buy?  Well, not to worry! Total Security has been giving the best security service to businesses and individuals for over ten years with satisfaction guaranteed. Total Security offers free security evaluations and estimates, and their friendly staff will help you with all your security needs. Give them a call today at (516) 775-2304.