The Insurance Benefits Associated With Having a Security System

The Insurance Benefits Associated With Having a Security System

Insurance is a wise investment for anyone’s financial safety. This applies for both home owners and business owners. Generally, insurance is meant to cover damages from theft, fire, storms, home injuries and many more. When a home owner has a home security system from a company such as Total Security, he will not only prevent his home or business from being invaded but will also gain insurance benefits. He will receive benefits in case of a damage claim.  security-keypad

Home Security

If a home owner has a home security system in place, his insurance company can cut up to 15% off his policy depending on which company is providing the insurance. If a home owner lives in a gated community, he might be entitled to an insurance discount. Communities that are gated have low rates of vandalism, theft and other sorts of crimes. Where one lives will always affect insurance rates. For example, if a home owner or a business owner has his premises located in a quiet neighborhood near a local fire department or in an easy accessible neighborhood his rates may be lower.

Fire Safety

When a home owner or a business owner has installed carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, an insurance company will smile upon it. The heat detectors, fire protection, fire escapes, fire extinguishers and sprinkler system are also important. In case of a fire insurance, the insurance company will consider whether the homeowner has fire safety in place and will offer him a discount.

Home maintenance

A home owner may qualify for an age of wiring discount. This discount depends on how old your house’s wiring is. If the roof is hail resistant and classified as class 4, the homeowner will also be eligible for a discount. In some cases, new pipes may also qualify him for a discount. If he has taken safety measures and surrounded his pool with a fence gate that may also count positively in his policy. New homes or newly renovated houses may also be eligible for insurance benefit.

Cheap insurance rates

When a home or a business owner has security system such as those from Total Security, he will get cheap insurance on business or home insurance. Sometimes it may take a little while to start getting the benefits if the security systems are new, but it will definitely lower a homeowner’s  insurance rate. Consider doing some research and compare the rates before buying insurance.