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3 Points To Consider When Choosing An Office Security System

Security in the workplace has gotten more complex over the years, ranging from dealing with onsite issues and theft, as well as cyber and IT related security issues. In an office environment, threats can come from many angles including but not limited to: Unhappy employees Uneducated employees who do not understand HR policies/business rules Outside … Continue reading

Find Biometric Security Systems in Suffolk County, NY

Managing properties or running a business in the New York area is a huge responsibility, especially if you have employees who depend on you. Therefore, the best possible security is important to have whenever possible. Today, security technology has become much more advanced than it use to be, offering many ways to protect your property … Continue reading

Are Biometric Systems Expensive To Install?

Are Biometric Systems Expensive To Install? When people think about biometric security in NY, several systems come to mind. These systems include voice recognition, fingerprint systems, palm scans, face scans and iris scans. These systems are a big move up from traditional locks that are in the market today. These types of biometric locks are impossible … Continue reading