Security Systems For Homes in NYC

Security Systems For Homes in NYC

More and more, homeowners are taking their safety into their own hands. Crimes against people and property are a daily occurrence, and no one is totally safe. You would be surprised at the wide range of security systems available in New York City (NYC), and many people are taking advantage of them. home-security-protection

Types of Security Systems in NYC

Let’s look at some security systems that are available and what they can do for you.

  • Alarm and Monitoring Systems

You have the option of installing a local system that only triggers an alarm if there is a break in. This solution alerts you and your neighbors of any problems occurring in your home so you can call the police. Alternatively, the system comes with the added functionality of year-round monitoring of your property. An alarm alerts the monitoring center and action is taken from there.

  • Detection Sensors Systems

There are sensor systems that come as part of security systems and are made to detect break in and entry threats. There are door and window sensors, motion sensors, and glass break sensors.

  • Security Surveillance Systems

Would be criminals are more likely to be discouraged in their intentions when they know that a surveillance camera is recording. There is a range of cameras to choose from which let criminals know you are watching them. Cameras are also available with remote connections to a video display system.

  • Home Automation Systems

You have heard that there is an app for everything. Many companies are making available application technologies and devices to help home owners to manage their home. Systems to remotely lock doors and turn off lights and appliances when you forget to do so are becoming popular products.


If you are a homeowner living in the New York area, you have several types of security system solutions for securing your home to choose from. Call Total Security today to see how they can help you to get the best security system for your needs. Go to for more information.