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security cameras BronxYou may own a home or operate a business in the Bronx. If that is the case, then you can gain peace of mind using a local security systems company to help with the design, plan, and installation of a robust security camera system or CCTV (closed-circuit television). Naturally, it’s not solely about security cameras. Total Security does install top-quality cameras, but it is always about the business behind the installation of cameras.

Total Security, an A+ Rated security camera installation company now offers the best video surveillance equipment in the Bronx. We provide custom solutions to meet your security needs.

No matter how secure you may think you feel, the possibility of someone coming in from the outside to crush your feeling of safety and security is constantly existent. A number of people try to find security in their apartments, homes, and businesses with shoddy, poor quality security camera systems they purchase from a technology store or even online.

Frankly, if it’s peace of mind you want, then you cannot go wrong to invest in state-of-the-art security camera system at competitive prices. You can capitalize on working with a professional security camera installer in the Bronx. Total Security can help you select a top-quality video surveillance system.

You do not want to waste time and money purchasing the artifice of security in your home or business. You want a security system you can count on—you want security equipment that is robust. When you work with our company, you can rely on the fact you have chosen a viable option if you are looking to install a first-rate security camera system in the borough of the Bronx or even if you are looking to modernize an older security system.

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We not only have the best security and surveillance camera systems, we have a showroom, company trucks and a full customer service support team to ensure all of our customers have access to phenomenal service. Total Security is also known as an A+ Service Provider by the BBB. Call now for a FREE consultation and estimate at (516) 775-2304 or contact us here.

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Crime it’s on the rise…

security camera installations the Bronx, NYIf truth be told, throughout the nation, crime ratings are at a high. In the Bronx alone, according to FBI crime data, the crime rate is at a tipping point. Thus, if you operate a business with employees, the probability has increased among your employees. Installing security cameras for your business in the Bronx can help diminish theft as well as other crimes to help you curb monetary risks.

This can also provide you the ability to keep a record of the work performance of your employees and your merchandise. It must be placed and installed appropriately, however, by an esteemed technician in the most calculated locations.

You don’t want a surveillance camera simply to record when a thief breaks into your home, warehouse, restaurant, store, office building, apartment build, bank, etc. The very presence of a surveillance system in your business or home can help curb those break-ins potentially.

Typically, if a criminal spots a security camera in your window or above a door, that criminal is less likely to attempt to steal your possessions or break in, with full knowledge he/she will be recorded. As a result, they will more likely to be caught and arrested. Granted, the mere presence of a CCTV will not stop all robbery and vandalism, it can deter some, which will result in less crime.

The benefits of the most reliable security camera system installation in the Bronx can provide not merely to deter some thieves from committing crimes. If there are individuals still willing to commit crimes, a top-quality camera system that is installed properly can record their actions and movements. This will make them easier to identify before they are arrested.

The recordings on your video surveillance camera are typically the first in physical evidence investigators use to help find anyone who invades your property. However, for that to be remotely possible, the security cameras must be in the proper position. Our professional technicians can ensure your security equipment is in the most advantageous positions.

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