School Security Camera Systems Of The Future: The New Age Of Long Island School Security


In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy schools all over the nation are making school safety a priority above all else. Long Island schools in particular have implemented plans for the installation of innovative security systems. Nassau BOCES is the entity which coordinates all services for Long Island school districts and according to CBS News- BOCES’ new fiber optic system is part of “the new age of school security”.



Description of The Long Island School Security Systems:


Security cameras throughout each school feed live video and audio to a security command center which can be viewed by law enforcement. This live feed does not necessarily have to be monitored at all times but in times of a crisis live footage can be seen and heard not only from the central command center but also in police precincts and police cars. In case of a threat police will be able to view live camera feed and intervene appropriately by assessing the situation beforehand and being prepared.


Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano stated in a CBS News article that among the three Long Island school districts that have already installed these new security camera systems larger facilities such as hospitals and places of worship will also be asked to participate.


School districts which are currently participating state that their students understand that these new systems are put in place to ultimately protect them. Roslyn High School currently has 80 cameras linked to a central command system. Other schools on board include East Hills Elementary School, Plainedge High School, West Babylon High School and Connetquot High School which began their changes back in 2010 after a 17-year-old student threatened to shoot up the school. Each system varies slightly but the main component remains- live streaming to a central command center. Connetquot high school relies on help buttons located within each classroom in order to activate cameras and administer a warning to authorities and administrators.  West Babylon has 72 cameras linked to a central station as well as an electronic floor map which helps authorities navigate the school with ease in times of crisis. Plainedge High School’s security system is in a league of its own. Entrance requires all students and faculty to swipe an access card upon entry these access cards then bring up the person’s photo as well as information on the central command screen. Plainedge’s system also allows the superintendent to implement a lock down with jus the tap of his finger.


What Your Long Island, NY School Can Do To Improve Security


If schools can’t be considered safe havens then security systems, plans and precautions must be reevaluated. It is important to remember that most Long Island schools can apply for grants for security systems. The above schools are on the forefront of this soon to be nationwide change. School security as we know it is about to take on a whole new meaning. Once these fiber optic systems have been installed in each and every New York and Long Island school they will spread to larger facilities. The schools mentioned above are just the pioneers for this new technology. If you have questions or are looking for assistance in evaluating a school video surveillance camera system, you can call our Elmont, NY security camera systems team at (516) 775-2304.


Is your school security system up to par?

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