Mega-pixel IP Cameras

Mega-pixel IP Cameras gives you the opportunity to digitally zoom on the object with minimal destruction of video quality. Science fiction is now reality with a mega-pixel security camera. Now Mega-pixel Network IP Security Cameras come with an auto iris connection to automatically adjust iris and exposure to capture highest mega-pixel images.

The mega-pixel image resolution was first introduced for digital cameras provide crisp clear images. The security industry realized the need for Mega-pixel Network IP Cameras to be utilized as security cameras for surveillance purposes.

Understanding Pixels

If your computer monitor’s resolution is set to 1024 x 768, this means that the largest images it can display are 1,024 tiny squares wide by 768 tiny squares high. In other words, you can fit a maximum of 786,432 pixels on that screen.

A mega-pixel camera can capture approximately 1 million pixels. Not only does this result in a very sharp image, but you can also zoom in on that image without losing a tremendous amount of detail.

This detail is critical in a security camera. It means that you can zoom in on an image of an automobile and read the license plate. Or look closer at the surveillance image of a bank robber and get a good look at his tattoo.

An analog security camera requires two cables: on to carry the video signal and a second to carry power. Often these two cables will be bundled together in a single wire. A mega-pixel camera, by contrast, plugs into a standard network jack. As long as your network has power over ethernet (POE) capabilities, no further wiring is required. Once on the network, you can view cameras over the internet or record them to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). As an added bonus, the UPS in your data center will provide backup power.