Dome Security Cameras

Dome Security Cameras are top quality, high resolution security equipment for your CCTV security surveillance system. Dome cameras offer a cost effective security surveillance solution with quality video in a small compact design.

Dome Cameras have become the most popular style of security cameras in the surveillance industry. Dome cameras are simply board cameras built into a dome style housing. Security dome cameras are simple to install, simple to mount, and are usually esthetically pleasing for a home or business security application. There are numerous types of cameras to choose from with many different qualities and functions in a dome camera. You can choose dome security cameras for indoor or outdoor security installations, and you can choose from numerous types of lens options to make sure you are viewing the area you are trying to secure.

Most Dome Security Cameras offer either a fixed lens or a vari-focal lens. The dome security camera with a vari-focal lens offers you a variable focal length for you to adjust the lens view to capture a cleaner view of the area you are trying to secure. The smaller the number or size of lens equals the wider the view you will get with the larger size of lens giving you a narrower longer distance view. A fixed lens is just that. You plug in your dome camera and the lens is fixed to a particular focal length that you cannot adjust. The view you see is what you get.

The most common fixed lens dome camera has a 3.6mm lens giving you a wide view. The most common vari-focal lens dome security camera has a 3.6mm to 12mm lens giving you the flexibility to adjust the focal length once the camera is installed to get the view you are striving for. You can also choose dome security cameras with Infrared Domes which offer you night time viewing for low light surveillance applications.

Total Security provide all its customers with a variety of Dome Security Cameras that are used in many places including retail stores, restaurants, casinos, apartment buildings, and residential homes. You can mount a dome camera almost anywhere, but the most common mounting practices for a dome security camera are wall and ceiling mount. You can find the ideal security equipment for your surveillance system at Total Security.