Box Cameras

Box Cameras are among the standard color security cameras family, which is highly manufactured with a number of distinctive CCTV system compatible features. They give you the best of both worlds, operating in color mode giving you great pictures during the day then flip to night viewing. These cameras are IR sensitive and do not have IR capabilities.

Professional box cameras do not come with lenses. This is because there are many different types of cameras and even more types of lenses and so it would be impractical.

Each box camera consists of a package of features that support the functionality of all security cameras and surveillance systems. Each color security camera is designed to be tolerated to each application and need, regardless of whether it is ip color security camera for a large institution or a home color security camera for your small house or villa. If you are looking for a fair resolution color security camera to record not only the events but also provide you with a high quality image for the scene you are monitoring.