Features of the TSS GPS Tracking Service:
• “BEST OF BREED” web-based mapping product accessible from any web-enabled PC anywhere in the world
• LIVE online support integrated directly into the mapping system!
• NO PINGS! The Tracker system constantly streams data LIVE, in real time!
• Shows location, speed, even the direction the vehicle is facing!
• User-defined Virtual fences send SMS text message on entry / exit.
• SMS text messages for speed alerts
• SMS text messages for Idle notification
• Reports provide start / stop times, Individual and enhanced vehicles reports.
• Geocoding, address lookup, integrated address manager and more.
• Variable zoom, detailed maps and aerial imagery!
• Supports one vehicle or 500 vehicles on a single map!

Access your Total Security GPS: Track movements on any Internet connected PC from anywhere in the world. See its precise location – accurate to 8 inches and 1/4 mph. With no software to download, this GPS Tracker makes viewing and monitoring easy – no matter where you are.

Using our online system, users can check the real-time GPS locations of their trackers as well as check historical data up to 90 days old. Compare and contrast past locations to current locations and notice trends. This award winning Web-based mapping system gives you the fastest vehicle tracking updates in the industries with the most accurate GPS locations.

Create a Geofence and receive e-mail or text message alerts the second your GPS Tracker leaves a designated area. This is a great way to monitor movement as well as unauthorized trips. You can choose to receive Speed alerts via e-mail or text message as well. The speed alerts and geofence features make this product the most effective way to keep track of people, things, or equipment.

How to install the TSS CX-9 GPS Tracking System Covertly: •Total Security has Professional Installers that will come to YOU to have the units installed any day, any time.