Where to Find Reliable Commercial Security Systems in Queens

If you’re a business owner, chances are that you’ve got at least an alarm system or a video surveillance system in place to protect your business, yourself, and your people. If you don’t currently have a security system of some kind in place, you’re likely looking for one. The question is of what sort of system is appropriate for your business. If you run a warehouse, for example, you may need security cameras to monitor employee behavior, but you may not need biometrics.

Below, we’ll briefly go over the different security systems offered by Total Security, Queens’ top commercial security company.

Alarm Systemssecurity_fingerprint

These systems are simple – upon an unlawful entry, either a silent or an audible alarm will go off, notifying the proper authorities and yourself, and scaring off the would-be burglars. Today’s alarm systems can be hooked up to the Internet so that you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone in the event of an incident.

Security Cameras

Security cameras have enjoyed recent advancements in analog technology, making high-def cameras more affordable and accessible than ever before. It used to be that you had a choice between affordable, low-def analog cameras and expensive, high-def IP cameras. Today, however, HD analog cameras are taking over the market. They have as sharp an image as IP cameras, but are much cheaper, easier to operate and install, and are compatible with old analog technology, often allowing you to simply unplug the old camera and plug in the new HD analog camera.

GPS Tracking

If you have a fleet of vehicles, you may want to know where they are at any given time, how long your drivers take for lunch, what unauthorized stops they make, or how fast they typically drive, among other things. Information like this can help you reduce the amount of gas you use, eliminate employee fraud, and reduce overtime. This system includes online reports, including trip, speed, idling, on/off ignition, mileage, alert, and start/stop reports. This will help your business to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Intercom Systems

For some businesses, an intercom system is essential. This system allows you to see and converse with any visitor to you facility before they enter. You have complete control over who comes in.

Access Control

Access control includes card access systems and biometric systems. Both accomplish the same basic goal – to give to control over who has the ability to gain access to your business location. Card access allows your employees and anyone else authorized to enter your building to have key cards which unlock the entrance. Biometrics are systems which identify your employees and other authorized individuals using biological data, such a a fingerprint or an iris. These systems are more efficient because, while it may be easy to steal a key card, it’s impossible to steal someone’s iris or fingerprint. This also eliminates the potential for someone to lose a key card, forcing the entire system to be updated and everyone to get new key cards.

Biometrics include iris, finger, palm, and face scanners, as well as voice recognition technology.

Total Security – Best Commercial Security Systems in Queens

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