Queens Security Cameras Help Yield Image In Case of Assaulted Queens Girl

On Wednesday May 1st a young girl was sexually assaulted in Queens, NY. According to ABC News the assault happened near 115th Street and Sutter Avenue in South Ozone Park around 6pm. The 7-year-old girl went to retrieve a ball that went over the fence and this is when she was approached by a male who made her perform a sexual act on him. She was taken to Queens General Hospital as the search for the suspect began.



Police are still searching for the suspect who was able to be identified via images on a neighbor’s security camera. The victim’s neighbor had a security camera affixed to the exterior of his Queens home and was able to provide security footage to the authorities. Through the security footage provided police were able to identify the suspect. Images are expected to be released soon.


This is a prime example of how security cameras installed in Queens homes can be beneficial. In this instance the security footage was able to assist authorities in an important investigation. Security cameras can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor cameras can serve as protection your home and family as well as protection for your neighbors. Many people think that local safety should be left in the hands of the authorities which is true to an extent but if you have the ability to help- why wouldn’t you? There are security systems for every budget which can be customized to fit your needs. Installing security systems in your Queens home is a great and cost effective way to protect your loved ones; and in doing that you may be protecting someone else’s loved ones as well!