Protect What You Worked So Hard For – Install a Business Security System

Protect What You Worked So Hard For – Install a Business Security System

You have worked very hard to produce a profitable business. Every business needs to be protected from theft whether it is a potential internal or external threat. If your business is at risk for theft, then a business security system will pay itself off in no time at all. But what is the right system for your business? The answer depends on your specific needs. Let’s go over some of the best security options for your business.  Business Security System

Surveillance Cameras

With modern technology, security cameras have expanded to have an array of options, from the size of the camera to its functions. They can be placed inside of your business or outside. They can record data in a secure server outside your business or within. These cameras can be wireless, remote, or hard wired. They can have night vision and can be built into objects to remain hidden.

Access Control

By giving your employees security access cards, you will know exactly who has access and at what times they have come and gone from the location. For a higher level of security, biometrics can be installed on locks as well that need an employee’s fingerprint or even a retina scan. With this level of security, it is hard for thieves to access these types of locks.

Security Alarms

Have added security to your business and know it is protected by a security alarm system. When you post signs on the windows of your business that your property is protected by alarms, this helps detour theft from even occurring. You can have security alarms that are loud as well as silent alarms that trigger a signal which tells your local authorities a break in has occurred so they can dispatch units.

A Security Company You Can Trust

Total Security is a group of security professionals who have been helping businesses secure their facilities for years. Whether your business is big or small, Total Security has a free evaluation to help your business choose from a wide variety of security solutions that fit your business needs. Call Total Security at (516) 775-2304 for more information.