New York Facility Managers for College Campuses: Is Your School Security System Effective?


At least 14 people were hurt in a stabbing spree at Lone Star College in Houston, Texas. This same college fell victim to a campus shooting in early January 2013. Many of us are still thinking about the tragedy at Sandy Hook recently. It is unfortunate that these events occur and that the velocity of these events seems to be increasing. But, our campuses are not powerless; there is much we can do. Whether it is an elementary school or a higher learning educational facility, taking proactive security measures is necessary to keep students safe.


While the Texas event occurred on a college campus, security has long been a vital part of all educational facility planning from universities to high schools and elementary school even pre-k. Fully functioning school security systems are no longer an after thought; these school security systems begin at the perimeter and end right inside of each individual classroom.


Access Control Protects Your Children at School

Access control is a primary focus at schools especially at the elementary level. Access control systems for schools prevent unwanted individuals from having free access to the school. Access control should be placed at every entrance to each building. This ensures that anyone who is entering the building is being granted access by a school safety employee. Setting up a second line of defense such as a holding area once the individual is allowed in the main entrance will also ensure that individuals will be granted entry before entering the building.


Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Cameras Are a Smart School Security Strategy

Surveillance cameras are common on school premises, especially exterior school security cameras. However, interior security cameras are another line of defense that all schools should have in place. Interior cameras in school buses have also become increasingly popular as the schools realize they are responsible for each student from the time they pick them up in the morning to the time they are dropped off.


How Well Are Your Security Staff Prepared?

Making sure campus security are properly trained and following security protocols is essential. The human element is critical. Monitoring cameras consistently and having a plan in place to react to security threats should be done systematically and according to a plan that your institution develops. In the end, the combination of using the right security technology with a well equipped staff that is prioritizing safety leads to be much better security results.


Facility Managers, Are You Being Proactive?

Self-analysis and thorough reviews of current security camera systems are the first steps in order to make your school a safe and fully equipped institution. If you think that there are opportunities to improve safety and security at your campus, please give us a call at (516) 775-2304. Talk to a college campus security systems expert.


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