Mobile Card Access

You Decide Who Has Access

card access Proximity cards contain small radio transponders that identify the holder to the system. The “proximity” aspect is that the card only needs to be held near the reader to allow access. These cards fit in a wallet and are the size and shape of a credit card and can be printed with owner’s picture for additional security.
With a Card Access System, you have more control than simply handing out a key.

Allow or Deny Access

Audit Trail Report

Access control systems allow authorized users in while keeping unauthorized people out. You can allow access to employees between specific times. Even allow access to cleaning people when scheduled. Many access control systems track who comes and goes and when. It allows you track time and attendance as well as location within a particular facility. Having the ability to immediately generate an activity report on employees “comings and going “is a plus for any business.

Workplace Safety

What System is Right For You?

There has always been a need to protect people and assets limiting access to restricted areas or even main entrance. With a card access system, you decide who gets in and who doesn’t!  
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