Long Island Homeowners Headed On Vacation- Keep Your Mind In Paradise Too With These Spring Security Tips

Long Island PostcardNow that we are in the full swing of spring most of you are booking your tropical getaways and weekend road trips. While you are looking forward to some time off burglars are looking forward to some time alone in your home. Now more than ever it is crucial that you install a home security system.


Home CCTV cameras allow you to remotely monitor your home and property while you are away on vacation. Indoor cameras should be placed in locations focused on valuables. For example, if you store your jewelry in a specific room there should be a security camera located in that room. Other indoor cameras should be placed in bedrooms, garages and any other rooms where you store valuables.


Outdoor cameras should be placed at each entry point to your home as well as near any large windows etc. Visible outdoor cameras deter burglars from entering your home. Keep in mind that your cameras should be weatherproof, waterproof and vandal proof. Making sure that all of your entry points are covered allows you to monitor the most important areas of your home while you are away. Whether it is on your phone or computer you will have access to your home security cameras 24/7 anywhere in the world.


Some other security tips while you are away on vacation include postponing all mail. Overstuffed mailboxes are a clear indicator to burglar’s that no one is home. Leave at least one light on in your house and have neighbors keep a watch on your house and make sure they take note of any suspicious activity.