Video Intercom Systems Installation New Jersey

Installing a video intercom system adds an extra layer of security by screening unknown visitors before they enter your home or apartment building. Video intercoms also utilizes security cameras to take footage of visitors at the entrance way of a home, or an apartment building.

Why Install A Video Intercom?

New Jersey homeowners and apartment building owners who install video intercom systems are less likely to experience break-ins and burglaries compared to those who lack this type of security.

Properties with video intercoms are usually a giant red flag for criminals because they know they will be caught on camera. Additionally, you can store and date-stamp images, which can be used as evidence for the authorities in the event you do experience a break-in.

If you’re looking to have an intercom installed, Total Security offers video intercom systems installation in New Jersey. We also offer intercom repair services.

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How Do Video Intercom Systems Work?

A video intercom system for home / apartment is a user-friendly security system where you can manage your visitor calls every time he/she dials into the intercom system from your main entrance.

When a visitor dials in a number, all you have to do is press a button to unlock the door to let the visitor inside.

You can view footage in real time, which allows you to see and communicate with the visitor prior to unlocking the door and allowing them inside.

Unlike older systems, you can use a wireless device with an internet connection from any location. You can also view past footage to see who approached your home or apartment building while you were away.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Video Intercom Systems for Homes & Apartment Buildings in New Jersey

  • Allows you to see who is at the door entrance before letting them in.
  • Provides an extra shield of security and protection to family members or tenants.
  • Enhances the market value of a property.
  • Integrate with an existing security system easily.
  • Offers peace-of-mind about the security and safety of a home or building.

Additionally, you can use a video intercom system for more than one location in a home. Parents can communicate with their children, other family members, and babysitters or nannies. Contact us now to request a FREE quote. Click here to contact us online or call us at (201) 594-7233.

Top 5 Benefits of Installing Video Intercom Systems for Offices & Commercial Buildings in New Jersey

Safety and security should be top priority for any business in New Jersey. Installing video intercom systems provides the following advantages:

  • You can be present at your business location without being there physically.
  • Discourage unauthorized entry or uninvited guests.
  • Monitor employees and anyone who enters your building.
  • Provides a safer working environment for your employees.
  • You have peace of mind that your building has heightened security.

Just like for residential properties, the property value of an apartment building also increases.

Different Types of Video Intercom Systems

Currently, there are four types of video intercom systems available:

  • Hard-Wired Intercom Units
  • Wireless Video Intercom System
  • Automatic-Gate-Entry Intercom Unit
  • Carrier-Current Intercom Units.

What to Consider When Choosing A Video Intercom System

There are two important things to consider when choosing a video intercom system for your home or business.

Make sure to find a reputable video intercom system installer in New Jersey. Choose a video intercom that’s so dependable, allowing you to monitor your property whether you are onsite or offsite.

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