LAST CALL! …..All New York Bar Owners: Come Get Your Profits!

Beer Money Left On The Table From Shrink

As a Bar Owner or Manager in New York you are well aware that alcohol has a high profit margin. In a bar environment there are numerous people handling and essentially affecting your profit. The only way to be sure you are collecting 100% of your profits is to monitor activity in your bar at all times. Security camera systems provide you with the assurance that you need to know that your money is not being poured down the drain- literally.


Shrinkage is caused by theft, waste and spillage. It is believed that shrinkage can be controlled by carefully monitoring pour cost however this actually hides shrinkage problems rather than controlling them. The main causes of shrinkage are predominately directly affected by your employees. Installing security cameras in your New York bar will prevent employees from stealing. It is unfortunate, but even the greatest bartenders can steal from you. Stealing does not only mean taking money from you, it also means giving away drinks, charging less for drinks, drinking behind the bar, over pouring or stealing liquor. Each of these methods of stealing can be monitored via security cameras that will allow you to view activity in your bar at all times.


Employee Theft & Shrink At Your New York Bar is RealIt is important that your security cameras are located by cash registers, behind the bar, liquor rooms (anywhere liquor is stored). By telling your employees that there are cameras you are allowing them to see that you take your business seriously and that they are being watched because stealing will not be tolerated.


Not only are security cameras necessary inside of bars but also outside your bar as well. If you have employees leaving late at night and parked in a parking lot it is important to install cameras in your parking lot to ensure their safety. Installing cameras at each entrance and exit allows you to know who is entering and exiting your bar at all times.


It was recently mandated in New Jersey that all establishments selling and/or serving alcohol must have security systems installed. This mandate also states that in the case of a public issue surveillance videos must be provided for any police investigation. The advantages a security system can provide you with are endless; consider this while evaluating your bar’s needs and you won’t be sorry you did.