IP Security Cameras vs Analog Surveillance Cameras: Which Is The Right Choice?

If you are looking to install a surveillance camera in your business or home one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether or not you want to purchase an IP camera or an analog camera.   The main difference between the two cameras is the way the video signals are delivered. An IP camera digitizes the video signal using an encoder which contains an onboard web server. This means that the IP camera acts as a network device which allows video images to not only be viewed through an existing network but also through a web browser that can be accessed through the internet. Analog cameras turn video signals into a format that can be received by a television or other receiver such as a VCR or monitor. Analog Pros:

  • Cost- Analog cameras cost less than IP cameras
  • Flexibility- Since analog products have been around longer there are numerous products to choose from
  • Interoperability- Mix-and-match a variety of analog cameras and everything works seamlessly

Analog Cons:

  • Features- Basic analog cameras lack some advanced features (i.e. – digital zoom)
  • Interference- Interference problems do occur and sometimes signals cannot be encrypted which potentially means that someone else can view the signal
  • Long Distance- Generally do not accommodate big distances

IP Pros:

  • Infrastructure- IP cameras can connect to pre-existing home networks
  • Wireless- Encryption is built in so the network is more secure and there is less interference
  • Remote Access- Better suited for remote access
  • Megapixels- A variety of megapixel options allow your picture to remain clear (even when zoomed)

IP Cons:

  • Cost- Due to additional technology built into IP cameras the cost is usually higher
  • Bandwidth- More bandwidth is required for IP cameras

  The camera you decide to install ultimately comes down to your specific needs. With the above information given you may find it easier to assess your needs and make the best decision for your home or business.

IP Megapixels Zoom

     vs. Analog Zoom

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