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We are a proud provider of intercom systems, electronic premises surveillance, and other security systems solutions in Flushing, NY. We have over 20 years of experience in providing our clients with the highest level in protection and peace of mind. Since our inception, our mission has been to create safer environments for both commercial and residential customers throughout the five boroughs.

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Our select team of security professionals is dedicated to delivering outstanding results that meet client starndards. In other words, if you’re looking for the #1 professional, full-service provider of intercom systems and security cameras in Flushing, you won’t be disappointed with Total Security Integrated Systems.

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Why Installing A Video Intercom Is the Best Choice?

Intercom systems are a useful tool for providing security to residential and commercial buildings, allowing tenants to communicate with visitors without having to open the door. A video-capable intercom system takes it one step further, as it allows the tenant to not only hear their visitor, but actually see them. This added layer of security is especially important in buildings that don’t have a concierge or security guard present. Whereas an audio-only system puts the tenant at risk from being taken advantage of by an unknown guest, video-capable intercom systems can provide peace of mind that the person behind the door is in fact who they say they are.

Investing into a video-capable intercom system is always a worthwhile choice when looking for an additional layer of security. To help you choose the right system for your property, request a FREE onsite security evaluation.
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Why Hire Total Security For Intercom System Installations in Flushing, NY?

At Total Security, we take great pride in having achieved a BBB A+ rating. Every product and service that we provide is tailored to meet your needs, from our intercom systems installations to our other services – all at the highest quality. We understand your security is paramount and aim for only the best for our clients. Every staff member strives to bring total customer satisfaction, making us one of the leading providers in the field.

We understand how important it is to have a quality security system that works when you need it the most.
We provide complete solutions for all your security needs and can design, install, maintain and repair everything from video surveillance to intercom systems quickly.

Our experienced staff will work to minimize any downtime or inconvenience which may occur during installation or maintenance while also adhering to the highest standards of security. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or starting from scratch, our specialists will help you create a reliable, dependable and efficient system that meets all your security requirements.

Total Security provides customers with more than just tech support. Our experienced technicians are prepared to assist you anytime, so you can rest assured that your intercom system is always in good hands. Whether your system needs maintenance or repairs, Total Security’s team of specialists can handle the job quickly and effectively. Best of all, their lifetime tech support is included in the purchase price – meaning that you won’t need to worry about dealing with costly support fees down the line. Keep your intercom systems running like clockwork with Total Security and their lifetime tech support!

Our company-trained security systems installers are some of the most knowledgeable and reliable in the industry, making them invaluable assets to any organization looking to bolster their security measures. Our technicians are extensively trained on some of the most advanced Intercom Systems available on the market, giving businesses peace of mind that comes with employing a team that knows and understands exactly what they need. In addition, our intercom installers in Flushing, NY are fast, efficient and incredibly economical – giving your business top-notch security at an unbeatable price.

We employ some of the most experienced Foremen and Project Managers in the Intercom System industry. With their expertise, they are able to maximize efficiency and manpower utilization on projects, guaranteeing that deadlines are met every time. They also have the ability to adapt quickly when unexpected issues arise – whether it be installation-related or something else entirely – ensuring overall customer satisfaction. Their impressive knowledge and proficiency make them invaluable assets to any Intercom System project.

Intercom systems allow businesses to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers. Unfortunately, oftentimes businesses that install Intercom systems fail to provide any additional support to ensure their customers understand how they work. This leads to a discouraging customer experience as they’re left to fend for themselves. With Total Security, this isn’t an issue. Our team of Intercom system professionals will be with you every step of the way, providing advice and guidance so your Intercom system can be utilized in its full potential quickly and easily. With us, you’ll never have to worry about being alone – we assure your success!

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residential and commercial intercom systems installation in Flushing, NY

Common Reasons You Need a New Intercom System or Replacement

Intercom systems are an important part of a multifamily residence, and if your apartment or commercial building is in need of an upgrade or replacement, it’s time to make the switch

On apartment buildings, intercoms provide tenants with added convenience and safety when entering the property as well as providing security for the property. A new intercom can also be a great way to improve amenities offered by the landlord and make tenants feel welcome at your location. Investing in a new intercom system will not only help tenants feel secure but also make them happy with their living experience.

Intercom systems need to be properly installed and maintained for optimal performance, but when something is broken it can cause further damage if left unaddressed. If you find yourself in this situation, you can get the help of an experienced team to quickly diagnose the problem and make any needed repairs or replacements. A replacement could be necessary due to older or faulty wiring that may need updated with freshly laid cable, or existing wiring may be able to save you money by repurposing it for what’s needed. Intercom systems protect the safety and privacy of your home, so making sure it’s working correctly is a priority.

Our Intercom Installation Process in Flushing, NY

Our intercom installation in Flushing, New York is highly dependent on the type of intercom system being installed. From basic audio models to more complex systems that feature video and telephone support, each requires different steps to ensure a seamless integration into your building. Additionally, the scope of work must be taken into account, such as how many stations are part of the system and where they will be located. Fortunately, our team has extensive experience in creating effective and efficient installations tailored to exact specifications, while also ensuring minimal disruption at all times. With Total Security, you can rest assured that your intercom system is properly installed with maximum reliability.

An intercom that uses an IP-based system presents an added layer of complexity as new wiring (Cat5/6) and additional IP-based hardware needs to be installed. This can significantly increase the scope and labor intensity of the job depending on the requirements of the building. For instance, if the building requires internal intercom stations in each apartment, then wiring would need to be run from a centralized control location to each individual unit. Conversely, if only mobile alerts are necessary then there is a far less complex solution in place involving limited wiring and hardware. Intercom installation, while already detailed and potentially time-consuming, is subject to even further complexity when IP-based systems are involved.

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