Installing Access Control Systems at Your Managed Properties

Installing Access Control Systems at Your Managed Properties

Are you a property manager in the New York or Long Island area? If you are, these real estate security tips will surely help the residential or commercial properties that your company manages. Security is not only desired, it is expected as part of property management in New York buildings.

What is the problem we are solving? Locks and keys have been used for securing properties for decades. The problem with this scenario is that you cannot control when the keys may be used and by what individual. Other problem’s you may encounter is that the key could be duplicated or when an employee is terminated how would you know they turned in all the keys?  business-security-camera

Access Control Systems for Property Management Companies in NY and Long Island

Your answer to all your lock and key issues comes by an access control system. With access control systems, you can replace standard locks with these digitally placed locks. By placing this type of system up in your property, you can now control who goes where and when by the means of a biometric key card or badge. The locks work in coordination with computer software that can track when a person come in or out of your managed properties by means of keeping a digital log of these events. Also, if you do not want a particular person into a specific area you simply limit their access. You can also limit specific times of the day as well as this is another option with access control systems. Now the system will only let these people into the areas during the days and times that you have programmed into the system.  Now if you need a specific log of when an individual entered in or out of the building you would have it. The access system will also tell you what doors these individuals also tried to enter and when.

Finding Your Building Management Company a Trusted Security System Installer

You have come to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to have an access control system at the property you manage based on all the wonderful benefits of having an access controlled system. But the question now is who can I trust to install an access control system? Well, the good news is the friendly staff of Total Security has been installing top end security including access control systems for years. They would be happy to install this system and take you through all the steps of how everything works. Total Security has been helping businesses and homeowners with security for over ten years and will be happy to work with you. Give them a call today at (516) 775-2304 or visit them on the web at