How Security Cameras Can Assist Law Enforcement In Active Shooter Situations

how security cameras assist law enforcement

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Security cameras have increasingly gained prominence as useful tools in combating criminal activities during live, active investigations around the Country They are no longer passive, reactive tools; they are used in live situations that are time sensitive, and they have proven to be essential for every School.

Monday morning (November 28th, 2016), a Somalian student of Ohio State University rammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians on the Columbus campus and slashed others using a butcher knife. Eleven people were hospitalized as a result of the attack. Fortunately, Ohio state police responded immediately, and the attacker was fatally shot after he failed to obey orders to stop.

Law enforcement is investigating on if the attack was an act of terrorism and whether or not the suspect is working with other individuals. Investigators are quite cautious about jumping to the conclusion that the incident was an act of terrorism. In these types of cases, real data and reliable information can do wonders to move an investigation forward and also keep law enforcement on the right track, without prejudice.

How Surveillance Cameras Helped Investigators During The Incident

Law enforcement used security cameras to track the suspect’s vehicle before he arrived on the Columbus campus. They were able to trace his movements.

Additionally, using the camera footage, investigators were convinced that the attacker was alone in the car and that there are no other attackers involved. With this invaluable information as well as the expertise and coordination of law enforcement, the lockdown was lifted.

3 Ways Security Cameras Can Assist Law Enforcement During Active Shooter Situations

  1. Security surveillance footage can be used to investigate incidents inside and outside the school property. This will help deploy police officers effectively especially in important locations.
  1. Security cameras can be used to track down the active shooter. This will help reduce the time available for committing further attacks.
  1. Surveillance cameras can be used as a useful tool to gather evidence, and they can be used to identify potential witnesses to gather testimonies. Recorded images or videos can support the result of the investigations as they can serve as proof material.

Active shooter incidents impose extreme challenges on responding police officers and investigators. It only takes a few minutes for innocent people to be hurt or killed. The Columbus campus attack is fundamentally different from other crimes and calls for a more efficient school security measure as well as an active response from law enforcement.

There are many things that can be done to prevent such incident. The presence of security cameras in and around schools or campuses has proven to be an effective tool in stopping further damage. Security cameras along with alarm systems will also help assure students that they are in a safe environment. Whether in New York or around the USA, all Schools and campuses should be taking proactive measures to ensure that their students are safe. Security cameras should be strategically placed in coordination with professional installers who have assessed the properties security needs. Should an incident occur, Schools who care about their Students and visitors should already have in place security equipment that can quickly provide law enforcement with everything they need.