How Much Does It Cost To Install Vehicle GPS Tracking?

If you own or run a business which requires the use of delivery trucks or other vehicles, you may sometimes wonder where your drivers go between the time they leave and return to your facility. Perhaps you’ve got the feeling that not all of their time is spent on company business. Or, maybe some of your drivers simply lose track of time on their lunch break and require monitoring to keep your business as efficient as possible. Similarly, if you run a taxi service, you need to be able to see where all of your vehicles are in real time in order to give your customers an ETA that is as accurate as possible.

For these and many other reasons, GPS tracking can be very helpful to certain businesses. But perhaps you’re concerned about what it might cost. The answer to that question will depend on several factors. Below, we’ll talk about a few things that could impact the cost of your GPS tracking system as well as why New York based Total Security is your best option.

Features of Your GPS Tracking SystemGPS-Tracking

Your GPS tracking system can potentially offer you the following features, depending on which ones you choose to take advantage of:

  • Trip reports
  • Speed reports
  • Ignition on/off report
  • Mileage report
  • Idling report
  • Alert reports
  • Start/stop reports

These features allow you to be in complete control of your entire fleet at all times. This will allow you to reduce gas usage, time at unauthorized stops, employee downtime, and overtime. Additionally, GPS tracking will allow you to document driving routes and stops made, and can eliminate the danger of employee fraud.

The Cost

Basically, the cost will depend on several factors, including how many vehicles in your fleet require GPS tracking and whether or not you require the full service. A Total Security expert can give you an accurate quote.

Total Security for Your GPS Tracking Needs

Total Security is the best security company in the New York area. Our customers remain loyal to us because they know our concern for the safety, security, and efficiency of their businesses and homes is genuine. We have built a reputation for top-notch customer service, timely installations and set up, and the most affordable rates around. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about your GPS tracking needs and get all the details we need to give you a free and accurate quote.

If you’re worried that your fleet of vehicles isn’t operating as efficiently as possible, we’d love to hear from you today. Call us at 516-775-2304 or visit us on the web at We’re looking forward to working with you and to celebrating with you as your business experiences the benefits of GPS tracking!