How Home Security Systems Could Have Prevented Recent West Islip, NY Burglaries?

Burglar Alarm System For Home SecurityIf you live anywhere near Islip, NY this December 2016 security alert is important to read:

Your home has everything that you love and value: your family, memories, and hard-earned possessions. A burglary can take away all of that. Burglars nowadays only need less than a minute to break into your home. The process is efficient because often preparation and planning has been thought on much more than you may think.

Yesterday, December 6th, 2016, Newsday reported another incident of burglary in West Islip, NY. On a report provided by the Suffolk County police department, there have been eight homes in West Islip that were burglarized. The intruders were able to steal jewelry and cash. Law enforcement theorized that the home invasions could be a part of a pattern. Police are still investigating, and at this time, suspects have not yet been recognized and arrested. Meanwhile, as a safety measure, some victims decided to install security cameras.

Hearing this unfortunate event, each of us, especially in the nearby Suffolk County area needs to take steps to ensure the safety of our homes and families.

So how can you prevent burglary in your home? There are many things you can do to prevent your home from being burglarized.  Here are some tips to prevent and improve the security of your home:

  • Keep the house locked at all times, even if you are at home. Before leaving the house, ensure that all windows and doors are locked. Additionally, lock all entrances at night, including your garage and even your mailbox.
  • Be careful about who you are letting into your house. Remind your kids never to open the door for strangers. You can install intercom systems to help you restrict anyone who wants to gain access to your home. It is also important to limit the possession of house keys. Also be careful about leaving extra sets in obvious, easy-to-find locations that burglars seek out first, such as under a door mat or nearby planter. If you lost your keys, immediately change the locks.
  • Use motion and light activated outdoor lighting. Your house should be equipped with emergency lighting.
  • Be vigilant. Pay attention to your surroundings and if you see any suspicious activity immediately report it to your local law enforcement. If possible, participate in a Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Consider investing in an integrated home security system installed by a professional alarm monitoring company. Security systems can provide a higher level of burglary protection. You can choose to install a simple burglar alarm system or install security cameras monitored by a reliable security company. Burglar alarm systems can automatically identify intruders and alert you in real-time, saving you thousands of dollars in losses.

West Islip, New YorkThere is a range of security options available that will fit everyone’s budget and need. If you need help in choosing which security system will best suit the security needs of your home, call Total Security today at (516) 775-2304. Total Security is a BBB A+ rated residential security systems company on Long Island. We have helped thousands of homeowners prevent security breaches like the ones just seen in West Islip.