Find Top Commercial Security System Reviews in NYC

Find Top Commercial Security System Reviews in NYC

Most businesses opt to use a combination of two or more commercial security systems to completely secure their premises. The choice largely depends on the nature of the business and the items being protected. Here are some of the most popular options when it comes to commercial security systems;

  • Intruder alarms

Business owners have a wide range of intruder alarms to choose from. At the most basic level, there are “bells only” types which are also the cheapest. Bells-only alarms can be a great option for small businesses but are not really valued by commercial insurers. Their working is simple; if the alarm is triggered, an alarm is sounded to alert the key-holder and/or the neighbors of an intruder. However, as simple as they are, these alarms must still be fitted by professional installers such as Total Security, NY.

  • Auto GSM dialer or speech dialer systems

With Auto GSM dialer, when the alarm is triggered, a pre-set distress message is automatically sent to pre-programmed telephone GSM numbers to alert them of an intrusion. In the case of a telephone line, the pre-programmed numbers will be dialed. The line must therefore be active at the time the alarm is triggered. At no time should the police line be part of the pre-programmed numbers.

  • Monitored systems

Monitored systems are almost similar to bell-only systems, except that this time an activation of the alarm sends a signal to a receiving center. After confirming that the alarm is genuine, the Alarm Receiving Center contacts the key-holder, the police and contracted security firms. It is therefore important that the Receiving Center is recognized by the police. Digital Communication (Digicom) and monitored signaling are types of monitored systems.

  • Dual path signaling

Also a monitored system, dual path signaling is when a digital communicator is used together with a GSM system. Normally, it would be the digital communicator sending signals to the alarm receiving center, but if this is not possible (e.g. where the cable is cut); signals will be sent via GSM.

  • Others

Security guarding services, access control and installation of CCTVs are other ways of beefing up business security. Before picking on any security system, take some time to read top commercial security system reviews in NYC and talk to a Total Security professional about your needs.