Find Affordable Commercial Security Systems in NYC

A single security guard with a flashlight and a whistle isn’t enough to deter theft in this modern and unpredictable world. Unfortunately, hiring an army of well-trained and reliable security guards is too expensive while being not very cost effective. The right answer is to use technology to provide adequate and affordable security for commercial buildings or properties.  sec

Affordable Electronic Commercial Security Systems Include:

  • Alarm Systems: One of the first lines of defense for commercial security systems are well-integrated alarm systems. What makes a commercial security systems more complicated than a residential one, is that a building could be accommodating both businesses and residences, all needing to set different alarms. Total Security are experts in installing these alarm matrices.
  • Security Cameras: The second line of defense in a well integrated commercial security systems is a strong battery of live and static cameras. While watching for employee fraud or shoplifting attempts are best done live, it is also advised to have static cameras watching parking structures to deter theft.
  • The Video Intercom: The third line of defense, the video intercom is a tiny doorman that allows residents to hold steady against unwanted visitors or pesky marketers. Also a business can tell whether a guest is there for them, or whether they contacted the wrong flat.
  • Improved Access to Buildings or Special Areas: Key cards are a great way to give residents or business owners access to the building, their offices or apartments, and even the additional resources like outdoor pool houses or business centers. Business owners or residents who desire an added level of security can even elect for the safety of accessing their property via a bioinformatic fingerprint reader or retina scanner.

Complete Commercial Security Systems and More with Total Security:

Total Security are experts in being an eye in the sky preventing criminals or crooked employees from taking advantage of businesses and residents who work a hard and honest life to make their way in life. Causing property values to skyrocket, while making a save haven for renters, franchises, and businesses, adding a comprehensive security solution is a must in such dangerous and unpredictable times.

Total Security services are available to: Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, Queens, Bronx, and all of New York City. There has never been a better time to protect business owners and residents with a complete commercial security system from Total Security.