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How EBT Cameras Can Benefits Restaurants Re-Opening After COVID-19

Dine-In Is Dead The coronavirus has wiped out dine in for the present and at least the near future. This spells doom for anyone who owns a food-based business with a brick and mortar location, relying on in-store sales to drive revenue.  Want To Get It Back? The good news is, reviving your dine-in capabilities … Continue reading

Using EBT To Reduce Liability When Re-Opening After COVID-19

Re-Opening America The country is in the first phase of re-opening. Among other things your business has to worry about during these times, we have some bad news. Your insurance policies will be exposed to risk the second your business re-opens to the public. The following quote from Travis Vance, a partner and the chair … Continue reading

5 Cyber Security Tips for Small Business Owners in New York & New Jersey

Here at Total Security, we subscribe to the idea that security is a never-ending process. As technology advances there will be new methods of digital crime, our job isn’t to eliminate risk but rather to minimize it as much as possible. To make an analogy for any NFL fans reading this, what makes the New … Continue reading

Are 4K Security Cameras Worth It?

Why Do You Need 4K Security Camera Systems? Before getting into the specifications of 4K cameras, it is important to first address the need for this enhanced technology. The point of surveillance is to gather and store information. You should strongly consider 4K technology for home or commercial surveillance due to the fact that there … Continue reading