Can I Access My Security System from My Smartphone?

Can I Access My Security System from My Smartphone

Smartphones provide plenty of information at the tap of a screen, from a person’s email to their appointments. Smart home technology continues pushing forward, allowing a homeowner to remotely control many aspects of their home through a companion app on their smartphone. Some security systems provide this functionality to provide the homeowner with easy access to the system, remote monitoring, and other features.   187_home-automation-top

The Benefits of Accessing the Security System from a Smartphone

The biggest benefit to accessing a home security system from a smartphone is the ease of use. Instead of manually disarming the system from the house, the homeowner can open up the app and do it from there as they walk in the door. Another benefit comes from instantly being able to check what set off an alarm if they’re at work or otherwise away from the house. The smartphone app shows the surveillance camera feeds throughout the home so the homeowner checks on whether there’s a burglar in the house, or if a wayward pet set off the alarms. If an alarm happens, the system sends notifications through a few different channels, such as email, text, or phone alerts.

Additional Monitoring Uses

The surveillance camera works well for non-security purposes as well. When a parent trusts a babysitter to watch their children, it’s important to know that the babysitter is doing the job they are paid for. Checking in through the security system cameras gives the parent the peace of mind that their children are watched over and safe. Another use is checking on house-sitters when a homeowner leaves for an extended period of time. There’s no worrying about unauthorized parties going on in the house while the homeowner is gone when they can instantly check the security cameras.

Smartphone compatible security options help the homeowner have the peace of mind that they can instantly check on any issues even when they are at work or on vacation. This type of safety and security doesn’t come with anything but the best security systems. The increasing popularity of the connected home makes this an essential and useful feature for the home.