Business Video Security and Surveillance Cameras in NYC

Business Video Security and Surveillance Cameras in NYC

The Importance of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are very important for any type of business facility. The business owner can monitor and identify any unauthorized intrusion inside or outside the facility.  surveillance cameras in NYC

With your security cameras, security guards can immediately respond to a break in and catch the intruder. Security cameras can also become a tool to identify an intruder if they manage to escape. Authorities can survey the video, identify a suspect, and arrange for an immediate apprehension of the suspect.

Types of Security and Surveillance Cameras That Are Available

Putting up the right camera for a particular area is very important. You cannot simply use one single type of camera on all areas of your business facility. Some cameras work better for specific areas depending on their functions. This is why its important to use different types of security cameras in your business.

Here are the different types of surveillance cameras:

  • Wired surveillance cameras – These cameras are good for indoors because you can mount them on walls and hide the wires behind the walls and ceiling. This is best for areas that require constant and consistent monitoring.
  • Wireless security cameras – This camera is best for outdoors, where it will be far from the main surveillance system. The distance requires long wires to connect to the camera, which is very inefficient. The wireless camera is the better option.
  • Night Vision Surveillance Cameras – These cameras are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. These cameras are best for dark or low-lighted areas.
  • Covert Security Cameras – This type of security camera is commonly referred to as hidden cameras. They come in different forms and shapes. They can be a picture frame, or a painting mounted on the wall, wall clocks, and other common items.
  • Fake Security Cameras – These are not real cameras but can divert the attention of an intruder, and it works well with covert security cameras.


With these types of cameras, you can have perfect surveillance for your business. You will need professionals to install these systems for you. Total Security can install all these security cameras, and they offer other security solutions for your business. Visit Total Security today at