Best Reviewed Burglar Alarm Systems in Suffolk County, NY

Best Reviewed Burglar Alarm Systems in Suffolk County, NY

If you’re living in Suffolk County, you know that you want the best available security burglar alarm system. There are many different security and alarm systems but which one is the best system for your home and your budget? Well, today we will be going over some of the top reviewed alarm systems in the Suffolk County area. Let’s get started!



Top Security/Alarm Systems

  • security-home-control-panelFrontpoint: The pros of Frontpoint are the system can connect up to 39 sensors in your home and show you on your mobile device and is 100% wireless automated. Frontpoint also monitors intrusions, natural gas leaks, and personal safety and has loads of security options. Frontpoint’s monitoring services and customer help are considered excellent. The cons would be Frontpoint does not offer an intercom system, and they charge $34.99 month for their services under a one-year contract. Another bad thing is that you have to install the system yourself.
  • Protect America: The pros of this system would be they offer a lifetime warranty of all of their security devices, and there are no upfront costs for their equipment. Their security equipment, monitoring services and help and customer service are considered excellent based on what is provided. The cons of their Protect America are that they don’t have a way to monitor your natural gas. Another downer is you have to sign a three-year contract at $19.99 a month, and the installation is optional.
  • Live Watch: The pros of this system they have so many options when it comes to security equipment options from countless manufacturers. Live Watch systems monitoring service, help and customer service, are also considered top notch. The cons would be the system is self-install only, and they charge $9.95 a month on a one-year contract.

Burglar Alarm System Installation

As we’ve seen these three alarm systems are at the top of their game but they all have cons, mostly with self-installation. If you want to avoid the headaches of setting up your alarm system and want professional help with 100% satisfaction guaranteed then we suggest Total Security. Total Security has been installing and providing security solutions for homeowners and businesses for over 10 years. Total Security offers free security evaluations and estimates. Give them a call at (516) 775-2304 or visit them on the web at