Affordable Long Island Home Alarm System Installations

Having a home alarm system is a nice feature to have on just about any home. There are many different features about a home security system besides an alarm that will make you and your family feel safe and secure. You will get a good night sleep and knowing that you and your family are well protected. But what if any are other security features you could get besides your alarm system and even better yet where can you find an affordable home alarm system installer in the Long Island area? Today, we will cover these questions, so let’s get started!

Alarm and Other Security Features

We all know that an alarm system is important security feature for your home as when you have it installed and put signs up on your windows that you have an alarm this will ward off most criminals. Alarms also come with many other features this day including monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide and gas leaks. But what other security features would be useful for your home that would add an extra layer of protection? The following list below are great additions to a security alarm:

  • Intercom Systems: Most intercom systems today have built in security cameras, and this is a great option when you are at home alone, and someone comes to your door for a delivery, and you want to see some identification without opening your door. If you don’t feel safe opening the door, you can always tell that person to leave the package on the doorstep and take the package inside after they leave.
  • Biometric Locks: Are you one of those types of people who forget their keys and need something reliable that you would never forget? How about using your fingerprint to unlock your deadbolt on your door. Biometric door locks are extremely safe and almost impossible to break through.
  • Smart Security Cameras: Besides being effective in keeping criminals away smart security cameras offer you so much more. Have you ever wanted to go on vacation and leave the kids at home but you wish you could check up on them to make sure they are safe and not having people over like you asked. With smart security cameras, this is possible to access the live security feed with your smartphone, tablet or laptop as long as you have the internet. Finally, you will be able to go on vacation and have your eye in the sky to check up on the kids. These cameras are great for your elderly parents as well if you feel like you should check up on them from time to time to make sure they are alright.
  • GPS: Used by businesses on a daily basis to track their company vehicles, idleness, mileage, and many other features you too can use GPS to track your family vehicles to make sure your loved ones are safe at all times. The next time your teenage son or daughter needs to use the car you will be able to see where they go with GPS with exact times and dates. GPS works great too for your nanny if you are away and want to see where they’ve been this is a great way to find out.

Affordable Alarm System Installer

We understand that when you are looking for someone to install your alarm system you should be able to trust the company you let into your home and they should be courteous and professional, fully insured and guarantee their work. We can honestly recommend Total Security, which is one of the highest regarded security companies in the Long Island area. Not only has Total Security installed alarm systems for thousands of customers in the NYC area but they have helped to install countless other security systems to help keep both families in businesses safe for over a decade. Total Security has been given positive reviews by customers year after year that they have been in business and have been awarded an A + rating by the Better Business Bureau. We would like to encourage you to contact Total Security today at (516) 775-2304 for your free onsite estimate to install your alarm system.