Access Control For Businesses in Suffolk County

Access Control for Businesses in Suffolk County

Do you have the latest security for your business in Suffolk County, NY? Traditional keys and locks can be bypassed now by either lock picking mechanisms or by making duplicate keys. Would you like a log where your employees go, what rooms or areas they enter and at what times? Would you like to keep certain employees out of specific areas of your business? Well, the good news is with modern technology in security all of this is now possible. The solution is an access control system. Today we will show you what benefits you have with access control and who to go to for installation in Suffolk County.  security-cameras

Business Security Solution

The best part about technology is that it helps make security increasingly better to allow maximum production at the work place high and theft at the lowest possible levels. Let’s go over some of the key benefits of having both access control and biometric security in your business.

  • Access Control: This type of security works specifically with a main computer system or server that ties into access cards that have been given permission to access specific areas or doors throughout your business. The doors can be only accessed by their key cards. This can also be arranged by shifts that employees work. For instance, a person who normally works on the second shift would not be allowed to access areas until his shift starts or you place a time designation in the computer system. The access to doors and the specific times on entries can be changed anytime by you the business owner. The nice part about the system as well is that it will give you and audit trail of when an employee entered an area of your business and at what time.


When putting in an access control system, you will need to change specific locks to keycards or biometrics. When you put in this type of security for your business in Suffolk County, you will need a company you can rely on and trust. That company is Total Security. Total Security has been serving businesses and homeowners with the latest security for over ten years with 100% satisfaction. Total Security offers free security estimates and evaluations. Give them a call at (516) 775-2304 or visit them on the web today to find out more information about our access control systems.