4 Ways NYC Commercial Security Systems Can Improve Public Safety

New York City Commercial Security SystemsWe live in a world where crime, terrorism and national security are everywhere we turn. It is unfortunate that tragic occurrences happen too frequently and seem to make headlines every day. New York City is one of the most populated cities in the world and safety is a priority in everyone’s mind. Commercial Security systems can 100% improve public safety if utilized properly.


1. Security systems on New York City subways are a must, subways are the number one source of transportation in the city and thousands of people commute via the subway each and every day. If security systems are put in place in subway systems it is much easier to track suspicious activity.


2. Cameras on each city block leave little room for suspicious activity to occur. New York City already has cameras strategically placed in many high volume areas throughout the city. The “Ring of Steel” is a network of surveillance cameras and equipment located all across lower Manhattan.  Technology allows over 3,000 cameras to pick up on any suspicious activity at any time.


3. In addition to cameras a series of road barriers and chemical detectors also make up the Ring of Steel. Why not have more of these “Rings of Steel” placed throughout the city? Knowing that these systems are in place makes people feel more at ease.


4. Interior surveillance cameras in every individual building improve public safety as well. With heightened security it is almost impossible to enter a commercial building in New York City without having to get through five security checkpoints but this has become a necessity. These precautions ensure that everyone who has access to the inside of a commercial building can be logged into a system recording entry and exit times.


It is important to keep in mind that New York City is a main tourist attraction and home to many events each year. By improving New York City’s security, public safety can in turn be improved and everyone can feel more secure that there are proper systems intact in order to deter and harmful or dangerous situations from occurring.