4 Ways HD Security Camera Systems Are Changing Security Standards in 2014

HD security camera systems are an affordable way to reduce, document and thwart robberies and other potential crimes. One of the primary advantages of using HD security cameras is the improved resolution, a feature analog camera systems have yet to duplicate. In this article, we’re going share four ways high definition security cameras are changing the face of home security in 2014:


 1.       Homeowners Demand More From Security Camera Systems


Homeowners expect more when it comes to protecting their families and property.  They demand the same level of quality HD has to offer for businesses in their home security systems.

As more homeowners upgrade their home security systems and leave the analog days behind, the faster analog technology will become obsolete.


2.       HD Digital Security Cameras Are Exceeding Analog in Sales


It has been predicted that HD digital security cameras are likely to exceed analog cameras sales as early as 2014. According to experts, the digital camera industry will expand over 20 percent in sales and analog cameras will remain neutral.  The market is transitioning from high resolution analog cameras to a true high definition mega pixel camera.


3.       High Definition Cameras Produce Superior Results


Another reason why homeowners are transitioning to high definition security camera technology is because it produces superior results. Homeowners appreciate the fact that they can view moving images much clearer through the progressive scan feature. You can even identify facial recognition and license plate numbers up to 25 feet away – that’s triple the size of images from an analog camera.


4.       Manufacturers Produce Smaller HD Devices


Smaller and less conspicuous security cameras are becoming the new norm.  They are being manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes which allows them to be hidden inside of a home.   In addition, panoramic cameras are becoming more popular among homeowners. This type of camera system is perfect for indoors and outdoors where there is limited installation space.


“Not every company has the skill set, qualifications or knowledge to properly install an affordable HD camera system in homes and commercial buildings. At Total Security, we are fortunate that we do. As a result, we consistently provide higher image quality and detail for our customers daily,” says Matt DiMicco of Total Security


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