3 Types of Security Cameras Ideal For Fire Departments And Firehouses

Security camera systems play a vital role in improving overall security measures. It becomes a necessity for both residential and commercial establishments. With today’s terror threats, government agencies around the United States are making use of the most advanced security devices to ensure everyone’s safety. Security surveillance cameras combined with human surveillance plays a vital … Continue reading

Why Install Security Camera Systems in Homeless Shelters?

At any place, may it be residential, commercial, or public, security camera systems have been proven to be essential in keeping different walks of life safe from criminal activities. Unfortunately, some places devalued the importance of installing security devices. Last April 15, 2016, a 56-year-old resident of a Manhattan homeless shelter was found dead and … Continue reading

What Security Cameras Are Ideal for Parking Lots?

All places regardless of whether there is a high level of activity or not should have at least basic security. Places like parking lots, however, requires a greater level of security. If you run or manage a parking lot business, implementing proper safety measures should be a priority. It is important to monitor individuals and … Continue reading

Safety Measures to Improve Restaurant Security

If you are a café, bar or restaurant owner, it is very important that you prioritize security. You have to ensure the safety of your customers and employees as well as protect your business properties. Take note that offering tasty meals is not enough to get full patronage. You also have to guarantee the safety … Continue reading